Erhardt + Leimer Launches ELSmart SW 95 Guider System

Duncan, S.C.-based Erhardt + Leimer
Inc. has introduced the ELSmart SW 95 advanced segmented guider roller system for use with nearly
all textile web types.

The new system is self-supporting and easy-to-install, according to the company. Features
include the new FE 40 digital infra-red wide band sensor and a new digital controller. The system
also comes equipped with either an electric or a pneumatic actuator, and is available to widths of
up to 3,800 millimeters.

The FE 40 focuses on the placement of the web edge rather than comparing light volumes, and
also does not respond to ambient light. According to Erhardt + Leimer, the sensor responds even to
transparent webs including those with variable transparencies throughout the web, making it
especially suitable for use with open-structured webs such as some curtains.

Erhardt + Leimer also notes the redesigned guiding roller slats provide greater contact
surface. In addition, their optimized profile shape ensures gentle, reliable web guiding even at
high line speeds, the company reports.

January/February 2007