Greer, S.C.-based Advanced Testing
Instruments Corp. (ATI), exclusive North American agent for Switzerland-based TEXTEST AG, now
offers Textest’s FX 3360 PORTAIR air permeability tester, a compact, battery-powered, hand-held
tester for measuring the air permeability and thickness of stationary or moving webs.

The Portair allows measurement of air permeability at a selected test pressure or of the
pressure drop at a selected air velocity, producing results that are both accurate and
reproducible, according to Textest. When not in use, the tester may be stored or transported in a
docking station, which also automatically recharges the batteries.

The tester displays graphic and numerical test results. Data may be transferred to a
personal computer (PC) for storage. Both the Portair and the PC software, which comes with the
tester, give the results in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

July/August 2006