Strandberg Launches Pick & Course Counter

Greensboro, N.C.-based Strandberg
Engineering Laboratories Inc. has introduced the Model 7762A Pick & Course Counter, a low-cost,
automatic controller that regulates fabric overfeed, compaction rates and shrinkage on tenter
frames, knit goods compactors and compressive shrinkage machines. The device also may be used for
cloth inspection in textile and apparel mills.


Strandberg’s 7762A Pick & Course counter

Features include: high-speed signal processors that perform automatic thread analysis at
production speeds; a laser beam to count threads of the cloth as it makes contact with the sensor;
and a wheel-driven, high-precision surface displacement counter that allows display of picks and
courses to the nearest 10th per inch or centimeter on a light-emitting-diode display. According to
the company, quick, automatic adjustment enables the device to monitor pick and course counts in
almost any type of fabric as it is presented.

May/June 2006