Sonobond Launches Filter Collar Bonder®

Sonobond Ultrasonics, West Chester,
Pa., has designed its new Filter Collar Bonder™ — a single-module version of the company’s
three-module RingMaster™ unit — to ultrasonically attach rigid plastic collars to nonwoven filter
bags. Suitable for assembling bag filters for chemical and industrial liquid applications at the
rate of 50 to 80 bags per hour, the machine uses SureWeld 20™ technology and special tooling to
attach the collars, and requires minimal training to operate.


“Ultrasonic bonding eliminates the
need for adhesives,” said Janet Devine, president. “It speeds production because no time is needed
for drying glues or other solvents [and] also eliminates the problems inherent with stitching. For
example, there are no perforations to adversely affect the durability of the product.”

January/February 2006