Anver Vacuum Lifters Handle Tall Boxes, Curved Goods

Anver Corp., Hudson, Mass., has
introduced two new attachments as part of its VT-Series vacuum tube lifting systems.

The company reports its stainless steel curved pad attachment can lift rolls measuring up to
5 feet long and weighing up to 200 pounds, and features a manual tilt mechanism that enables
vertical stacking of rolls and loading of mandrels.

Another new attachment allows one person to load and unload pallets of tall, narrow boxes
weighing up to 200 pounds without bending or stretching, the company claims. Features include a
guide handle, two pivoting vacuum suction pads and quick-connect coupling.

VT attachments are custom-designed and interchangeable. The systems also feature a conical
flow valve to allow smooth vacuum operation and unlimited starts/stops per minute with instant
attach/release mechanism, and an extended ergonomically designed handlebar.

January 31, 2006