SDL Atlas Introduces MMT ColorChex Upgraded M233B

SDL Atlas, England, has released a
Moisture Management Tester (MMT) for knitted and woven apparel fabrics, the ColorChex line of
viewing cabinets for color matching and grading, and an upgraded M233B automatic flammability

The table-top MMT, designed to comply with American Association of Textile Chemists and
Colorists, International Organization for Standardization and Standards Norway (drafting)
standards, measures a fabric’s dynamic moisture-transport properties and provides the
moisture-absorbing rate of its inner and outer surfaces, inner-to-outer-surface transportation
capability and moisture-spreading rate. It also delivers six key indexes including wetting time,
absorption rate, maximum wetted radius, liquid spreading speed, accumulative one-way transport
capacity and overall moisture-management capacity.

The ColorChex cabinets meet and exceed existing international standards, and are priced
lower than conventional cabinets offered by other North American and European companies, according
to SDL. The compact ColorChex N7, designed to meet the requirements of suppliers to the North
American market, provides five different light sources, an ASTM D1729-compliant neutral gray
interior with a surround and ambient field color of Munsell N7, and a remote-control option to
select light sources. The larger ColorChex 60 and ColorChex 120 models offer precision matching to
the requirements of leading British and European retailers, reproducing light source spectral
characteristics and duplicating the interior, which enables users to match results of existing
cabinet users.

The computer-controlled M233B, which features an optional radiator assembly to enable
testing to British Standard EN 13772:2003, includes interchangeable test frames and burners,
automatic flame ignition and flame application timer, and new Windows®-based software.

November/December 2005