MicroCool® Humidification Now Available For Textiles

Thousand Palms, Calif.-based MicroCool® – a division of AxAir Nortec Inc. – has modified its
high-pressure water humidification process to design a system suitable for use in the textile

The new system filters clean city water, pressurizes it in a pump unit to more than 1,000
pounds per square inch, and delivers it through flexible tubing to nozzles aligned in the
production area. The brass and stainless steel nozzles atomize the water into small particles that
evaporate quickly and raise relative humidity to levels as high as 95 percent. MicroCool
custom-designs each system according to specifications of the particular factory or warehouse. The
company says the system is much less expensive than conventional humidity-raising methods, citing
lower costs of both operation and maintenance.

November 2004