Spectro’s Application Note Reports Bromine Content

Spectro Analytical Instruments Inc., Marble Falls, Texas, says its new Application Note produces a
cost-effective, simple report of laboratory test results to determine the concentration of bromine
used as a flame retardant in fabrics. The tests are conducted using the company’s Atlas handheld
X-ray fluorescence analyzer, which uses a radioisotope X-ray source; and a rugged proportional
counter detection system.

Sample analysis, accomplished by placing the aperture of the Atlas against the flat fabric
surface and pressing the trigger, is completed in 30 seconds, according to Spectro. Assayed
calibration standards are used to perform laboratory calibrations, and a personal data assistant
attached to the analyzer sends the results via an interface to a desktop computer. The Atlas also
features optical sensors designed to provide reliable and safe analysis.

August 2004