Webex Offers FeatherLight™ Carbon Fiber Idlers

Webex Inc., Neenah, Wis., reports its FeatherLight carbon fiber composite idlers offer converters a
lightweight, high-strength alternative to standard aluminum idlers, enabling them to run wider,
lighter webs at higher speeds with minimum tension. The roll weight is one-third that of a
comparable aluminum roll, and load-bearing capacity is 120-percent higher. Webex says FeatherLight
also provides the lowest inertia rating of any roller on the market and responds faster to web
speed changes than other rolls.

The roll shell comprises carbon fiber composite tubing, with wall thickness optimized for the
specific application. The rolls feature lightweight aluminum headers and a special steel
stub-shaft. Standard face lengths range from 34 inches to 144 inches. Custom lengths, designs and
finishes also are available.

May 2004