ADMET™ Unveils Gauge Buster Toughness Meter

Norwood, Mass.-based integrated materials testing systems provider ADMET Inc. has designed its
Gauge Buster Toughness Meter to replace manual dial gauge or pen recorder-based textile testing
systems. The device calculates breaking strength, tenacity and toughness; chord and initial
modulus; elongation at break; and tearing strength of fibers, yarns and fabrics.

Upon test completion, the device displays computed results including load, elongation and
elongation rate, which can be downloaded to a remote computer. The software-programmable
calibration exceeds ASTM International E4 requirements, and is password-protected and stored in
permanent nonvolatile memory. Available as an upgrade package for new or existing tensile machines,
the device comprises the Toughness Meter, a linear encoder for elongation measurement and Microsoft
Windows® communications software.

March 2004