Lectra Launches MP Vector Cutting Systems Diamino V5 Marker-Making Software

Paris-based Lectra has launched three new versions of its Vector cutting system. VectorFashion MP,
VectorLingerie MP and VectorFurniture MP offer Lectras Mass Production (MP) cutting technology,
which made its debut in the VectorDenim system.Every industry has its own unique needs, said
Pierre-Michel Richer, Vector product manager. The new Vector MP line addresses these very different
industry challenges with specific, dedicated technology.Lectra reports the MP technology improves
cutting efficiency and productivity: Optimized markers reduce material waste; a bristle block
self-cleaning system enables extended high-volume production use; and an Eclipse option that allows
cutting during automatic material advance increases productivity by up to 10 percent. Lectra also
has released its latest-edition Diamino V5 marker-making software in three versions to address a
variety of customer needs. Diamino BasicMark is suitable for companies that make fewer markers.
Interactive Diamino MarkPack includes a Shaker function to automatically tighten placement of
pieces. Diamino MarkPro allows both interactive and automatic marker-making. An optional Expert
module automates batch processing of markers.Manufacturers are tackling new challenges: The number
of styles is growing continuously, while the quantities to be produced per product line are
decreasing, said Helmut Wagner, Diamino product manager. The company says Diamino V5 reduces
marker-making time and enables testing of marker combinations to find the best solution for each
style. It is integrated with Modaris pattern design software to reflect design changes immediately.

December 2003