LCS II LCM Plus Measure Color Of Transparent Liquids

BYK-Gardner USA, Columbia, Md., has introduced two instruments for objective color measurement of
transparent liquids.The LCS II is used to evaluate the color of solvents, resins, mineral oils and
other transparent liquids. It provides spectral measurement of conventional color numbers such as
Gardner, Hazen, Iodine and others; and commonly used color systems such as XYZ and CIELab. It also
performs photometric analyses. Features include menu-guided operation, and automatic cuvette
detection and measurement. Spectral-QC Windows®-based color control software enables advanced

BYK-Gardner’s LCS II color measurement instrumentThe LCM Plus filter color instrument, an
economical alternative for visual color measurement of transparent liquids, determines color
numbers Gardner, Hazen, Iodine, Saybolt and Mineral Oil with one reading and provides automatic

November 2003