Viking Lobe Pumps Available For Specific Industrial Uses

Pump Inc., Cedar Falls, Iowa, has launched a new line of heavy-duty stainless steel Industrial Lobe
Pumps that conform with industrial application requirements for textile dyes, chemicals, resins and
coatings, latex, polymers, cellulose acetate and others. Two-bushing models offer a pressure range
up to 225 pounds per square inch (psi). Four-bushing models featuring shaft support on both sides
of the rotors offer a pressure range up to 400 psi. The company reports the bi-wing rotor design is
volumetrically efficient and enables handling of solids, while maintaining the product integrity of
shear-sensitive fluids. Sealing options are flexible, allowing a range of seals to be used.
Simplified timing and rotary end clearance adjustments without shims facilitate maintenance. Other
features include enlarged suction areas that provide flexibility in the ports, and reversible flow

September 2003