Erhardt Leimer Introduces ELStraight

Spartanburg-based Erhardt + Leimer Inc. has introduced the ELStraight weft straightener in the
United States, Canada and Mexico.The company says ELStraight can be retrofitted quickly on existing
systems to offer high-performance web control and weft straightening using image analysis and
advanced computation methods. Features include: compact, integrated reading heads to facilitate
process setup and improve reliability; color display; and guided menus for simplified machine
interaction and process control. The system can accommodate up to 32 reading heads, with Ethernet
connections to a central control unit; three diagonal correcting rollers; and two or three bow
correcting rollers.ELStraight can be used with a range of fabric types at fabric speeds of up to
450 feet per minute and widths of up to 133 inches. Minimum measurement resolution is 0.05 degree.

September 2003