Tajima Unveils TFKN New Ribbon Feeding Device

Tajima Industries Ltd., Japan, reports its new TFKN series production embroidery machine for flat
textiles and garments, available through Franklin Lakes, N.J.-based Tajima America Corp., is the
most powerful production machine in its class. The TFKN replaces the TMFD flat production
machine.Twelve-, 15- and 20-head models are available with nine, 12 and 15 needles. Top speed is
850 stitches per minute. An alternate head allows an embroidery field of up to 17.7 inches by 21.6
inches. Continuous embroidery up to 283 inches in length is possible. Other features include
Tajimas rotary tension device, embroidery data management system, satin stitch reduction/expansion,
automatic upper/under thread trimming device, adjustable thread take-up system, take-up lever guard
and large memory capability.Tajima also offers a new automatic ribbon feeding device for its
TEHX-C1501 high-speed single-head embroidery machine that enables additional embroidery
capabilities using up to 15 colors on materials from 0.6 inch to almost 2 inches wide. The device
automatically feeds the ribbon or tape from a roll to be embroidered and then rerolls it.

Tajima’s new ribbon feeding device for the TEHX-C1501

August 2003