Glenro Regenex RTOs Destroy VOCs

Inc., Paterson, N.J., reports its new Regenex regenerative thermal oxiders (RTOs) can achieve
guaranteed efficiencies of more than 99 percent for volatile organic compound (VOC) destruction in
manufacturing process exhaust streams. The compact, adaptable systems provide high heat recovery
and process application flexibility. They are suitable for low-VOC applications where
catalyst-destroying chemicals in the solvent mixture prevent the use of a catalyst, catalyst
replacement is uneconomical, or numerous products using different solvent mixtures and exhaust air
volumes run on the same line.A common combustion chamber connects two or three heat exchange beds.
Heat is stored in the mass of the heat exchange media, which also allows air to pass. Reversing the
airflow through the heat exchange beds conserves combustion heat within the RTO, allowing up to 95
percent recovery and recycling of the heat combustion.

July 2003