Contech Presents 24-7 In-Line Sheeter-Stacker

Contech, Goddard, Kan., has developed an in-line sheeter/stacker for non-stop operation. The
automation-engineered system uses a score slitter to edge-trim pressure- and light-sensitive
material, conveys the material to a visual inspection station, and then moves it to the cutter. The
material is cut using a flying knife cutter that locks on at web speed and cuts exact lengths as
the web moves along. The material is then removed to a cart using a vacuum pick-and-place system
that attaches to the sheet. The cart, which contains multiple trays to hold groups of stacks up to
2.5 inches in height, moves the stacks to a packaging operation. Contech can design, engineer and
build the system to meet customer specifications.

June 2003