CAC Introduces Scroll Roll For Wrinkle Removal

Converter Accessory Corp. (CAC), Wind Gap, Pa., has developed an economical, competitively priced
wrinkle removal system for use with textiles, nonwovens, paper, heavier-gauge plastics and foil.
The multi-lead Scroll Roll system is straight rather than bowed, submergible in liquids and
designed to provide uniform spreading across the entire web width. CAC recommends the Scroll Roll
for use in light-tension/high-speed applications that do not require a more aggressive anti-wrinkle
system. The rolls can be used as idlers or as non-rotating dead bars, and may be driven faster than
the web. In independently driven systems, the degree of influence on the web is adjustable
according to the desired performance.Machined screw threads on the roll, configured according to
the specific application, lead from the center of the roll face to the edges, guiding air outward
to exhaust at the edges. The rolls are available in 5-inch to 120-inch lengths and in diameters
from 1 inch to 6 inches. They can be made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum; and can be
coated with plasma, chrome, Teflon® or Winertia®.

June 2003