HSG-O-B Heatcutter Has Rechargeable Battery

Duncan, S.C.-based HSGM Heatcutting Equipment & Machines Inc. has introduced the transportable,
battery-charged HSG-0-B heatcutter, designed to cut and seal the edges of small quantities of
cords, ropes, bands and belting fabric manufactured from man-made materials.

The HSG-0-B heats up in 6 seconds, bringing the blade temperature to 600°C. The 12-volt
(V)-3,4Ah battery recharges in eight hours. Other features include a LED-operating indicator and
15-second intermittent operation. The basic kit includes a plastic carrying case, the HSG-0-B, a
suspension hook, one type R blade, a 230V or 110V charging unit, one battery and battery case with
belt, and operating instructions with guarantee. In addition, five other cutting blades are

March 2003