Datacolor Launches Mercury 3000

Datacolor Launches Mercury 3000The Mercury 3000 Color Measurement System is the latest development in Lawrenceville, N.J.-based Datacolors Mercury series of portable spectrophotometers. The series, which also includes Mercury 1000 and 2000, was designed to provide bench-top precision and easy navigation using Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) touch screen technology.The top-level Mercury 3000 features ultraviolet (UV) calibration for whiteness measurement of samples containing fluorescent whitening agents. The system also calculates Ganz and CIE whiteness indices, selects standards automatically and can store more than 30,000 samples. Options include fixed UV excluded capability, holders for irregular samples, a fixed bench stand and extra battery packs.All Mercury models are compatible with other Datacolor software, including ColorTools QC.December 2002