Van De Wiele Introduces Jacquard Velvet Machine

Belgium-based NV Michel Van de Wiele reports its new Velvet Tronic Vtr33 jacquard velvet
weaving machine has a production output 20 to 30 percent higher than current jacquard velvet
models. Features include: balanced reed motion; front-driven leno device for easy style changes;
elimination of false selvages on the right when weaving without filling sector; air cushions; easy
setting system for optimized rapier guiding; three-dimensional cam to stabilize cutting on each
pick; and full electronic touch-screen control. The machine comes equipped with the Piletronic or
Multihook electronic jacquard machine based on the Bonas selection system. The Multihook has an
advanced diagnostic system. The Vtr33 is suitable for weaving upholstery velvet in four frames,
free fabric design or Italian velvet, shadow velvet, woolen bus clothing, and light carpets and
prayer rugs.

May 2002