Micro Air Presents TM 1000 TaskMaster

Micro Air Presents TM 1000 TaskmasterWichita, Kan.-based Micro Air Clean Air Systems offers a new, portable TM 1000 TaskMaster for maintenance and air pollution control in shops and plants. The base unit includes a lift-off attachment connection. No tools are required, and attachments can be changed rapidly, according to Micro Air. Among the attachments are: articulated source capture arms in assorted sizes; dual articulated arms for use by two operators; a downdraft table; a backdraft hood; and a long-reach flexible hose with hood. Applicable activities include gluing, painting, cutting, grinding and welding, and others.The TaskMaster can be plugged into a 120-volt (V) single-phase outlet. Optional plug-ins to 208/230V and 460V three-phase outlets are available. An efficient high-capacity motor blower assembly provides flows of 1,000 cubic feet per minute.Dual cartridge filters are cleaned by the companys Roto-Pulse high-efficiency cartridge-cleaning system. Filter options include HO Spunbond cartridges, HEPA 99.97-percent afterfilters to control minute particulate and activated charcoal modules to control odor.January 2002