James H Heals Redesigned Orbitor Offers Flexibility

James H. HealandCo. Ltd., United Kingdom, has reengineered its Orbitor pilling and snagging
tester for use on woven or knitted materials.Offering flexibility, the two- or four-position
instrument can be configured with any combination of pilling box, snagging box, pilling drum or
snagging drum.The new design includes six speeds in addition to three standard speeds, with the
option to reverse for non-standard test applications and developmental work.Equipped with
individual position counters, the Orbitor enables the operator to monitor multiple tests
simultaneously. An inverter drive maintains constant speed and features an over-torque sensor that
will safely stop the instrument if obstruction is detected.The tester complies with requirements of
EN ISO 12945-1 and MarksandSpencer test methods P18A, P18B and P21A.

December 2001