Lantech Designs Automated Turntable Wrapping System

Lantech, Louisville, Ky., has designed the Q-1000 Automated Turntable Wrapping System with added
protection for operators.The system features an in-feed and exit conveyor separated by a turntable
that rotates while stretch film is attached to the load. Film loading of the roll carriage is from
the side, providing unobstructed access and ergonomically sound operation.The roll carriage is
safety-guarded to prevent hand injuries. Transition photocells are mounted on either side of the
turntable for easy access. If a photocell beam is broken during wrapping, the machine will shut
down immediately.The E-Z Thread® roll carriage provides loading with no threading required. All
controls are adjustable from the color-coded control panel without the use of a plug-in external

October 2001