Exergen Offers Sensors For Web Processes

Exergen Corp., Watertown, Mass., has recently introduced the IRt/c SV Infrared Thermocouple
for thermal control of both webs and rollers for paper, plastic, metals and textiles. The IRt/c
sensor works best for heating, drying, coating and cooling applications because of its small size
and ability to achieve the most accurate temperature reading. The sensors monitor the temperature
of the moving web and control the process, while maximizing quality and throughput.Constructed of
hermetically-sealed stainless steel, the IRt/c SV sensors are designed to withstand tough
conditions, such as the thermal processing of a web press, and are able to operate uncooled in
environments with temperatures of up to 212°F. The sensors can be held securely with tube fittings
or standard clamps to mount the sensor over the target area in spaces as small as .56 inches. In
addition, the sensors require no power supply and contain no moving parts.

March 2001