Relative Viscometer Model Y501 Introduced By Viscotek

Houston-based Viscotek has introduced the Relative Viscometer Model Y501 for measuring
solution viscosities. The unit simultaneously compares the viscosity of a sample solution with a
reference solvent, thereby avoiding errors due to temperature fluctuation and solvent variations.
It has been field-tested and proven for analysis of PET, PVC, EPDM, PVA, PVOH, polybutadiene,
polyolefins, cellulosics, hyaluronic acid, nylon and other polymers. Faster analysis and higher
accuracy and precision are achieved using the relative viscometer than are possible using glass
tubes, and there is a solvent saving of over 50 percent compared with traditional methods.The
Relative Viscometer Model Y501 is available with three automation levels: Manual for simplified
operation, with some automation built in; Autosampler for unattended measurement of a series of
samples; and Robotics for coupling with the Zymark laboratory robot, with the interface requiring
only the transfer of a switch closure.

February 2001