Resch In-Line Steamer From A B Carter

A.B. Carter Inc., Gastonia, N.C., has introduced the new Resch in-line steamer. This compact
system was designed for easy installation between any Link spinning frame and winder. The system
will automatically steam the bobbins for the purpose of relaxing yarn twist and controlling
residual moisture, resulting in higher yarn quality and lower manufacturing costs. The system works
with a variety of yarn types including worsted, wool, polyester and high-twist blends, as well as
100-percent cotton yarns.The Resch system operates cyclically with a capacity of up to 900 bobbins
per hour, using an indexing process in which the bobbins are steamed and subsequently dried in two
minutes or less. Both the steaming and drying processes are performed under precisely controlled
vacuum conditions. All functional sequence and temperature settings are computer-controlled and
monitored and can be preset using a system of dials. The steamer occupies less than 10 feet of
floor space.