Tonello Returns To Turkey: Its Most Amazing And Innovative Technologies On Display At ITM Exhibition

SARCEDO, Italy — June 4, 2024 — After a long absence, Tonello, the global leader in sustainable garment finishing solutions, announces its participation in the ITM Exhibition to be held June 4-8 in Istanbul.

At HALL 11A, booth 1142B, Tonello will present itself stronger than ever, thanks to its partnership with Babylon International, the new agency representing it also in Turkey.

And thanks above all to technological solutions that enable it to continue to be a benchmark for the entire industry: solutions that, of course, will be present at ITM.

Laundry (R)Evolution: innovation continues

At ITM, Tonello will present the latest advancement of its Laundry (R)Evolution, the laundry concept of today and tomorrow: simple, digital and responsible. The laundry revolution consists of three essential steps:

  • THE Laser: an innovative, intelligent, and versatile laser range designed by designers for designers, offering comprehensive solutions for denim finishing.
  • All-in-One System: the flagship Tonello washing machine that integrates 4 sustainable technologies, streamlining the finishing process while minimizing waste and optimizing resource use. This includes technologies like:
    • EGO, which uses ozone in both water and air for a brighter garment, less water and chemical consumption;
    • NoStone® for authentic, sustainable, stone-wash effects without pumice stone;
    • UP, which optimizes garment washing, bringing the liquor ratio to unprecedented levels (LR 1:2) while reducing consumption, time, and costs;
    • Core 2.0, a nebulizing system that creates effects and applies products to the garment, improving performance and decreasing water consumption by up to 96%.
  • Metro: the innovative software that monitors and optimizes water, energy and CO2 consumption in real time of the entire laundry.
THE Laser

Among the most anticipated news, Tonello will also unveil:

  • DyeMate: the patented technology that revolutionizes and reinterprets the traditional indigo garment dyeing process, taking it to a new evolutionary stage and making it automatic and repeatable, efficient and sustainable. And with the possibility of also making sulfur and VAT dyes with the same technology.
  • Ripper Mode: an innovative mode that improves the precision and efficiency of laser treatments. For perfect breakages that respect the integrity of the fabric weft.
  • Advanced B.O.P. System: with sophisticated Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence systems, B.O.P. is even better performing; it can detect even completely white garments, or any other color, reducing errors and increasing productivity.

Metro e Guardian: special software

A special focus will be on two solutions for managing and monitoring industrial laundries:

  • Metro: an essential component of Laundry (R)Evolution, is the digital platform that measures actual laundry consumption and enables centralized management and automatic analysis of all Tonello machines. To control, optimize, increase sustainability and efficiency of processes.
  • Guardian: is the advanced diagnostic system that monitors every component of the machines, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability. Guardian is compatible with PCs, tablets, smartphones and touchscreens of Tonello machines, and allows offline data logging with network synchronization. It offers real-time alerts via email, facilitating maintenance management.

Tonello invites all ITM 2024 attendees to visit its booth to discover these and other innovations. The company continues to push the boundaries of innovation, pursuing its mission to make laundry increasingly sustainable, efficient and technologically advanced.

Posted: June 4, 2024

Source: Tonello srl