Chargeurs Strengthens Its Presence In Switzerland In High-Tech Textiles For Fashion “Made In Switzerland” Footprint In High-Growth Potential Markets

PARIS — May 30, 2024 — Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies has signed a binding agreement to acquire two strategic business units of the Swiss company Cilander, much renowned worldwide for its expertise in the supply of high-end textile fabrics and finishing services for complex textiles used in a wide range of applications.

Under the agreement, CFT PCC plans to acquire the shirt fabrics business, which mainly comprises the iconic and world- renowned ALUMO brand, founded by Karl Albrecht, joined by Robert Morgen in 1941. For over a century, ALUMO has been at the forefront of offering fabrics made from the finest, highest-quality cotton for men’s shirts. The company is the preferred supplier of prestigious tailors and specialized luxury brands worldwide, relying on its highly efficient E- commerce platform.

In addition, Cilander’s fabrics business includes the Eugster & Huber brand, aimed at women’s fashion brands. The portfolio also comprises Brennet, known for its high-quality fabrics with a contemporary touch, and Swiss Ghutra, a brand specializing in high-end fabrics and headpieces for a high-end clientele in the Middle East.

The project includes also the acquisition of the historic factory of the company, Geissbühler, located in Lützelflüh. The factory is a cornerstone of its finishing activities for high-tech textile solutions to address demanding markets. The site is the legacy of an industrial history that began in 1677, almost 350 years ago. With its Planofil® brand, Cilander markets high-performance textile fabrics for outdoor use, particularly in the nautical world. Cilander offers a wide range of finishing options and can even tailor-make products to customer specifications.

When completed, this acquisition will strengthen the development capabilities of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, today’s world leader in interlinings for the garment industry: thanks to Cilander’s high-tech products and solutions, the business line will open doors to new, particularly demanding niche markets and reinforce its market share in the apparel segment, especially shirt-making.

Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies will see its growth potential increase, thanks to an expanded range of products and services, the penetration of new markets and the acquisition of new customers. Synergies resulting from the combination of French and Swiss excellence will enhance cross-selling opportunities and stimulate the development of innovative new collections.

Gianluca Tanzi

Gianluca Tanzi, managing director of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, said: “The project of acquiring the strategic assets and notably the most iconic brands of the Swiss company Cilander will mark a pivotal moment for our business line. The alliance of our French heritage with Cilander’s storied Swiss legacy, will redefine the standards of luxury, quality, innovation, performance and distribution in the textile industry. We look forward to seizing these new growth opportunities.” 

Posted: May 31, 2024

Source: Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies