Tonello: Kingpins Show 2024

SARCEDO, Italy — April 23, 2024 — Once again this year, we at Tonello are ready to play a leading role at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam, with our flagship technologies and some prestigious collaborations to present new solutions and technological and process perspectives that design the present and future of garment finishing.

  • INDIGO GARMENT DYEING, THE EVOLUTION CONTINUES – DyeMate, Tonello’s latest patented signature innovation, is already revolutionizing the traditional indigo garment dyeing process and is also suitable for VAT and sulfur dyes.  At Kingpins, we will especially present a wide spectrum of new indigo shades, with truly surprising and unexpected hues and nuances.
  • BEYOND BLEACH, WITH OBLEACH – This year we are excited to introduce The dark side of OBleach, a new collection of garments that goes even beyond the boundaries of our patented OBleach process and offers incredibly authentic effects on black jeans and fabrics, with never-before-seen results.
  • RIPPER MODE, THE BREAKAGES THAT RESPECTS THE FABRIC – THE Laser continues to amaze with its ever-changing possibilities. At Kingpins, this time we will present the Ripper Mode, the technology that guarantees flawless breakages without compromising the integrity of the fabric weft. The “wow” effect is assured!

Here’s where else to find Tonello at the fair, as the star of numerous projects and collaborations:

  • DEEPINDIGO: ART “IN GARMENT” – Tonello, Officina39 and Telariazul together present a collection that takes indigo dyeing, craftsmanship, art and upcycling to unprecedented heights to create garments that are true works of art.
    Tonello main booth #19 – Blue area
  • MSP COLLECTION – Developed together with Denim House and Kingpins Show, designed by Piero Turk and Serena Conti and processed in Tonello’s R&D center with responsible finishing technologies. Booth W – White area (1st floor)
  • ONE DENIM – What are the infinite potentials of a single fabric? What and how many varieties of effects, patterns, variations can be achieved? Kaltex fabrics, designed by Piero Turk and processed by Tonello using the latest finishing technologies will provide a tangible demonstration of this. Booth D – Yellow area

This time more than ever Kingpins will be an unmissable event, so don’t miss it!

Posted: April 25, 2024

Source: Tonello srl