Patagonia’s Unconventional Holiday Campaign: Alaska

VENTURA, Calif.  — November 20, 2023 — Patagonia is asking customers to “save big” this holiday season. Alaska big.

Into the sea of holiday promotions and rampant consumerism, Patagonia has launched a campaign called “Alaska Needs You.” The goal is to activate the outdoor apparel company’s community to support increased protection for three areas in Alaska: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the National Petroleum Reserve-Area and the Brooks Range. Specifically, Patagonia is urging its community—through a short film  ( and advertising campaign launching Nov. 22, and through its stores and Action Works platform—to ask President Biden for the holiday gift of a lifetime: protection for America’s Arctic.

This deal expires soon though: The Reserve comment period will close Dec. 7 and the Range comment period closes Dec. 22. (The comment period to protect the Refuge ended Nov. 7.) To date, concerned citizens have submitted hundreds of thousands of comments, including approximately 30,000 from the Patagonia community. Nothing says “happy holidays” like a Department of Interior comment period!

“The Biden Administration could further protect America’s Arctic and as a result, play an outsized role in saving our planet,” said Patagonia CEO Ryan Gellert. “The opportunity to enshrine protections for the Refuge, Reserve and Range is the result of a steadfast commitment from a diverse and tireless coalition comprised of outdoor recreationalists, Indigenous Peoples, local communities, activists, scientists and key government leaders. Your voice makes a difference and I hope you will submit two comments today. One to protect caribou, wolverines, bears, birds and more on 13 million acres of public land in the Western Arctic, and a second to stop a speculative road that would be disastrous for local villages and one of the largest, undeveloped parks on the planet.”

Patagonia has been supporting environmental nonprofits in Alaska for over three decades. Additionally, the company has launched journals and films, supported policy appeals, and joined lawsuits — all to protect threatened lands and waters and support communities across the state. Just this year, the newly established Holdfast Collective, which receives all profits not reinvested back into the Patagonia, donated over $4 million to various climate and conservation priorities in Alaska.

Patagonia has always avoided Black Friday sales promotions and takes an unconventional approach to holiday shopping. In 2011, the company placed an advertisement with the headline Don’t Buy This Jacket making the case that everyone needs to consume less — businesses need to make fewer things but of higher quality and customers need to think twice before they buy. In 2016, it was 100% for the Planet, when Patagonia donated all Black Friday sales ($10 million) to environmental causes, and in 2019, the company matched customers’ donations resulting in $20 million to environmental nonprofits ($10 million from customers and $10 million from the company).

Lastly, in keeping with business unusual, Patagonia will close all U.S. stores, offices and its warehouse from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day to give employees a break.

Posted: November 20, 2023

Source: Patagonia