The Woolmark Co. Calls Time On Misleading Product Names With New Filter By Fabric Initiatitve

TW Special Report

How many times have you been misled by terms like “silky,” “mesh” and “fleece”?

A recent YouGov study shows you are not alone. These ambiguous terms confuse consumers, making it difficult to identify the fibers in the fabric, especially when man-made materials are used to mimic natural fibers in clothing.

The Woolmark Co. has launched the Filter by Fabric initative to end this confusion, urging all fashion brands, retailers, publishers and content creators to commit to clear, honest product names that accurately communicate fabric composition. The campaign also encourages consumers to “Filter by Fabric” when shopping, focusing on the fabric’s impact and empowering them to make more informed and sustainably-conscious decisions.
A recent independent YouGov study reveals 77 percent of people believe clothing brands and retailers should clearly disclose fabric composition. However, this vital information is often hidden, misrepresented or undisclosed.

The same study found that 60 percent  of respondents would find sustainable choices easier if stores included fabric in the product name or allowed customers to filter by fabric.

A Simple Solution

By focusing on fabric consideration as a vital aspect of consumer purchases, Filter by Fabric accelerates the fashion industry’s movement toward transparency and sustainability.
John Roberts, managing director of The Woolmark Co., explained: “We need to clearly communicate the composition of fossil fuel-derived fabrics to prevent consumer deception. This simple, lasting action could initiate a significant transformation in the industry, encouraging transparency, responsibility, and mindful consumerism. Educating consumers is crucial for them to understand the importance of the information on apparel labels, similar to how they interpret food nutrition labels or appliance energy ratings.”

A Call for Real Change

Fashion brands, publishers, content creators and retailers can pledge their commitment at, and consumers can sign the same pledge to demand accurate product labeling.

1. Citizens: Urge Retailers to Include a Filter by Fabric Option
By signing this pledge, you send a powerful message to the fashion industry to adopt truthful product descriptions and a Filter by Fabric option. This action equips shoppers with essential information, promoting transparency and accountability in the fashion industry.

2. Fashion Industry: Allow Customers to Filter by Fabric
We invite the fashion industry to collaborate in this united effort for more informed consumer choices. Pledging your commitment to better fabric composition communication in product names showcases your dedication to responsible business practices. This move not only gains consumer trust but could also significantly reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

The Woolmark Co. is thrilled to announce the following organizations who have already pledged their support for the campaign:

  • Benetton;
  • Cubus;
  • Reformation;
  • Saul Nash;
  • Lagos Space Program;
  • Teatum Jones;
  • Dagsmejan;
  • Maggie Marilyn;
  • Haydenshapes;
  • Albus Lumen;
  • Plastic Soup Foundation; and
  • Variant 3D.

October 12, 2023