Renewcell Expands The CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network To 116 Members, Increasing The Marketplace For Textiles Made With CIRCULOSE®

STOCKHOLM — October 5, 2023 — Renewcell, featuring textile-to-textile recycling at scale, announces the expansion of the CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network (CSN) to 116 members, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward a circular textile industry. This expansion brings an infusion of innovation, diversity, and global reach, increasing the number of materials made with CIRCULOSE that are available to source now.

The CIRCULOSE Supplier Network, initially composed of 47 yarn and textile producers, has now evolved to include a diverse range of 116 members. Particularly of note is the geographical expansion, with new members joining from regions such as Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Czech Republic. The extension into the Southeast Asian region reaffirms Renewcell’s commitment to advancing circular fashion on a global scale.

In addition to the geographic diversification, this growth includes onboarding a dozen knitters and more than thirty yarn spinners, enhancing the variety of qualities made with CIRCULOSE that are available for all brands to source. This expansion signifies a considerable step forward in ensuring that brands worldwide have access to a wide array of materials made with CIRCULOSE.

A significant development within this expansion is the inclusion of home textile suppliers for the first time, including Sharadha Terry Products, The Kadri Mills, and Yang Tsu. This strategic addition opens up new possibilities for integrating CIRCULOSE into various facets of the textile industry, reaffirming the network’s adaptability and potential.

Patrik Lundström, CEO at Renewcell, emphasizes the importance of this expansion: “The CIRCULOSE Supplier Network plays a pivotal role in scaling up the availability of yarns and fabrics made with CIRCULOSE. With a more diverse network across the textile supply chain, fashion brands now have a broader range of sustainable options to incorporate CIRCULOSE into their designs.”

“Right now, Sustainability is not just a trend. It’s our need to make the future green,” states Shakaib Nazim, general manager, Marketing at Indigo. “Indigo Textile mill isn’t just a place of production; it’s a hub of innovation for sustainable denim. Our CIRCULOSE denim fabric range is the perfect fit for style and sustainability. Our next step towards sustainability growth is to convert our core line fabrics with CIRCULOSE fiber.”

Hatice Ates, Product Design and Development manager at Ekoten, explains, “At Ekoten Fabrics, we are aware that circularity is the key to the fashion industry’s fight against climate change. We believe that the circularity of the fashion industry will be achieved through timeless designs and sustainable material selection. In this direction, we attach great importance to the use of cellulosic raw materials from secondary raw materials with low environmental impact. We are delighted to join the CIRCULOSE Supplier Network, which carries out disruptive innovation endeavors in this field.”

“The expansion of Renewcell’s Supplier Network is exciting! It makes CIRCULOSE even more accessible for brands and retailers,” said Nicole Rycroft, founder and executive director of environmental not-for-profit Canopy. “Renewcell is showing that take-make-waste production is a relic of the past as the market moves to low-carbon Next Gen alternatives. Congratulations to Renewcell and their supply partners for leading the charge. We look forward to supporting them as they continue to scale up their disruptive production.”

Priyanka Khanna, head of Asia Expansion, Fashion for Good commented: “Renewcell’s strides in growing the CIRCULOSE Supplier Network are instrumental in our collective pursuit of a circular textile industry. This growth is not only significant in driving the adoption of textile-to-textile recycled output but also in providing reach and accessibility to suppliers who are the first customers of these materials. By expanding across industry verticals and manufacturing regions, Renewcell is educating and enabling suppliers to easily access and test the output, which they can then develop and offer to their customers, the brands. Renewcell has been a part of Fashion for Good Cohort since 2020, participated in projects such as Full Circle Textile Projects, and we continue to support them in their journey to scale. We see them as a pioneering force in the textile-to-textile recycling arena, redefining industry standards and driving the transition towards a circular textile industry.”

With the expansion of the CIRCULOSE Supplier Network to 116 members, with operations in fifteen countries, the availability of materials made with CIRCULOSE is even more accessible to fashion, lifestyle, and home brands worldwide. The network continues to grow and evolve, driving positive change in the fashion supply chain.

The list of the newest CIRCULOSE Supplier Network members is below:

  • China: Advance Denim, AIT Apparel, Binkang Printing, Black Peony, Blue Diamond , Deyao, Free Silk, Freedom Denim, Gangjia, Gaosheng Wool, GKL Denim, Grace Textile, Great United, High Fashion, Honor, Houzheng, Jimay Printing & Dyeing, Jin Xiang Hui, Long Run Eco Melange Yarn, Long Run Textiles, Mizuda, Nansin Bleaching & Dyeing, New Dynasty, New Wide, Oushang Textile Co.,  Rawtex, Shilead, Stella Blu, Tian Ying, Titan, Xufeng, Yang Tsu
  • Czech Republic: NIL Textile
  • India: Kadri Mills, Shahi Exports, Sharadha Terry Products
  • Italy: Ghezzi , ICA Yarns
  • Pakistan: Al Karam, Artistic Denim Mills, Artmill, Azgard 9, Crescent, Diamond Denim, Indigo Textile, Kassim Denim, Siddiqsons, US Denim
  • Sri Lanka: Hela Apparel Holdings
  • Taiwan: A&A Textile, DJIC, Ecoinn, Far Eastern, Formosa Taffeta, Goang Li, Kingwhale, Laka Enterprise, Paradise/Alpine Creations, Tung Ho Textile
  • Turkey: Artesa, Aster, Barutcu Tekstil, DNM, Ekoten, Elyaf Tekstil, Kara Fiber, Pameks
  • Vietnam: Bros, DanX

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Posted: October 5, 2023

Source: Renewcell