Modern Meadow, In Partnership With SINGTEX Group, Are Proud To Announce The Launch Of BIO-TEX™ SHIELD

NUTLEY, NJ — October 26, 2023 — Modern Meadow, a purpose-driven biotechnology trailblazer, in partnership with SINGTEX Group, a global supplier to world-renowned brands and pioneer in eco-friendly functional textiles, are proud to announce the launch of BIO-TEX™ SHIELD.

First unveiled at Performance Days in Munich, the BIO-TEX™ SHIELD membrane offers waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection with 58% bio-based content for a more sustainable future. This solvent-free and PFAS/PFC-free technology can be paired with fabrics made from bio-based fibers to create high-performance garments made from bio-renewable materials. The 2-layer membrane provides the wearer with protection while also conserving the environment.

The BIO-TEX™ SHIELD membrane is powered by BIO-ALLOY™, Modern Meadow’s miscible blend of plant-based protein and biopolymer. Using bio-design to maximize performance and sustainability, protein structure naturally provides high-abrasion resistance which enables longer garment life and more comfortable wear. Engineered for both skin-out and skin-in applications, the innovation enables new design capabilities including printing and dyeability at the garment stage. The soft-hand feel, and supple design of BIO-TEX™ SHIELD is perfect for a variety of outerwear and soft equipment.

Catherine Roggero-Lovisi, Modern Meadow’s CEO, states, “The collaboration with SINGTEX Group on BIO-TEX™ SHIELD has exemplified the power of innovation and purpose-driven partnerships. Our joint efforts have led to the swift development of a groundbreaking membrane that not only pushes the boundaries of performance but also reinforces our commitment to sustainability. The results speak for themselves, demonstrating the agility and effectiveness of collaboration in driving positive change for the future of textiles.”

Jason Chen, SINGTEX Group Chairman shared, “Our team has really enjoyed working with Modern Meadow to develop this new technology. With our joint prowess in research and development, we were able to minimize the traditional development time and have a product ready for market in under a year. The end result is a high bio-content membrane with impressive waterproofing, breathability and durability that can be plugged into existing manufacturing infrastructure. With BIO-TEX™ SHIELD, SINGTEX and Modern Meadow are leading the textile industry into an exciting new era for both performance and sustainability.”

During ISPO, BIO-TEX™ SHIELD was honored with TEXTRENDs Awards in both the “Outer Wear” and “Coatings and Membranes” categories. The two award-winning products showcased the adaptability of BIO-TEX™ SHIELD and featured two different application methods, skin-in and skin-out.

Skin-in application: We paired BIO-TEX™ SHIELD with a 100% cotton woven fabric to create a product made from bio-renewable materials. The membrane was then printed with P4DRYTM, SINGTEX’s proprietary recycled coffee printing technology.

Skin-out application: Made to accommodate reversible designs, BIO-TEX™ SHIELD is applied to a Cotton (69%) and Polyester (31%) knit fabric blend to embody the future of high-performance bio-renewable textiles.

Modern Meadow will be at ISPO 2023 in Munich from November 28-30, 2023.

Posted: October 26, 2023

Source: Modern Meadow / SINGTEX Group