Arvind And CIRCULOSE® Partner Exclusively On Denim Made In India

MUMBAI— October 5, 2023 — Arvind has formed a partnership with the CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network to actively promote sustainability and circularity within the industry, thereby strengthening its commitment to advancing it’s near century-long legacy of environmental consciousness in the textile industry.

Key Features

Circular Material: Denim is crafted from upcycled cotton textiles and viscose made with CIRCULOSE, diverting waste from landfills. CIRCULOSE is created by Renewcell which employs an advanced recycling process to break down worn-out garments into cellulose pulp, from which new fibers, and ultimately, new denim is created. This circular approach minimizes waste and resource consumption.

Quality and Durability: Despite its sustainable roots, denim made with CIRCULOSE does not compromise on quality. It retains the durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of conventional denim ensuring a long-lasting wardrobe staple.

Environmental Stewardship: Denim made with CIRCULOSE epitomizes Arvind’s commitment to sustainability. By recycling textile waste and adopting efficient production processes, it helps conserve natural resources and reduce textile waste, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Since 2022, Arvind has been actively participating as one of the partners for Accelerating Circularity, a non-profit entity that catalyzes new circular supply chains and business models; to turn worn-out garments into mainstream raw materials. Through this program,

Arvind has incorporated recycled and circular fibers into scalable products.

Fashion Forward: Denim made with CIRCULOSE is not just environmentally conscious but also fashion-forward. Arvind offers a diverse range of styles, washes, and finishes to cater to various tastes, proving that sustainability can be trendy.

Denim made with CIRCULOSE helps to close the loop on apparel production and highlights the importance of resource efficiency in textile manufacturing. It demonstrates that sustainable practices can be economically viable.

Posted: October 5, 2023

Source Arvind Limited