Advance Denim To Launch First Denim Collection Made With Gracell® X CIRCULOSE®

STOCKHOLM — October 13, 2023 — Gracell® x CIRCULOSE® is made with a 50-percent blend of CIRCULOSE pulp by fiber producer Grace. The Advance Denim collection is the first to use this high-CIRCULOSE content viscose fiber.

Advance Denim, Grace, and CIRCULOSE have joined forces to accelerate textile circularity within the denim industry. The collaboration marks a significant milestone as Advance Denim is the first to launch a denim collection featuring Gracell x CIRCULOSE viscose made with a 50-percent blend of CIRCULOSE pulp. Premiering at Kingpins Amsterdam next week, this achievement is made possible through Grace’s exceptional determination to commercialize viscose with a higher CIRCULOSE blend and Advance Denim’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of more sustainable denim manufacturing.

CIRCULOSE is the branded dissolving pulp created by Renewcell. The pulp, made of 100-percent recycled textiles, is the feedstock for MMCF and can be blended with wood pulp at the fiber production phase. Gracell is a high-tenacity viscose produced by Yibin Grace, a Canopy green shirt viscose producer.

Two fabrics have been constructed from an innovative blend of cotton, Gracell x CIRCULOSE viscose. The first style is a 10.4 oz super soft comfort stretch with a mixture of cotton, recycled cotton, Gracell x CIRCULOSE, Ecovero, and spandex. The second style is a 9.4 oz performance stretch with cotton, Gracell x CIRCULOSE, recycled cotton, T400, and LYCRA®.

This collaboration builds off Grace’s recent announcement at Intertextile Shanghai that they successfully trialed viscose staple fiber made with a 50-percent blend of CIRCULOSE pulp. Grace has previously collaborated with Renewcell to adopt Next Generation MMCF solutions through the production of recycled cellulose filament yarn made with a 30-percent blend of CIRCULOSE recycled pulp.

Advance Denim’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond this capsule collection, as they have a rich history of championing sustainable practices in the denim industry. Their commitment is reflected in their strategic plan to use over 90 percent of “green” fibers in its product line by 2023 and were the first denim mill in China to obtain GOTS certification. “Green” fibers are defined as being produced under certification standards, including GOTS, Organic Cotton Standard, BCI, or GRS. Furthermore, their dedication to eco-innovation and responsible manufacturing is evident through their efforts to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste.

“We value the pace at which this partnership came together as it is evident both Advance Denim and Grace are upholding their commitments to sustainability and that they recognize the urgency for action,” stated Patrik Lundström, CEO of Renewcell.

Amy Wang, general manager of Advance Denim, commented, “Advance Denim is excited to continue its ongoing commitment to sustainable innovation by partnering with Grace to bring this groundbreaking new fiber to the market.”

As vanguards in accelerating textile circularity, Advance Denim, Grace, and CIRCULOSE® are at the forefront of their partnership and will continue to develop solutions to help make fashion circular.

Advance Denim’s capsule collection will be showcased at Kingpins Amsterdam (booth Blue 30) on October 18 and 19, 2023, as well as CIRCULOSE® by Renewcell in special projects (booth Green -G).

Posted: October 13, 2023

Source: Renewcell