Tallayne® Announces Agreement To Acquire Nufabrx® Brand And Retail Business Unit From Textile-Based Delivery, Inc. (DBA Healthwear®)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — August 14, 2023 — Tallayne, in collaboration with Textile-Based Delivery Inc., proudly announces an agreement to acquire the Nufabrx brand and its retail business unit. This strategic move marks a significant step towards an accelerated expansion of product accessibility across North America and key international markets.

Tallayne’s planned acquisition of Nufabrx underscores a commitment to amplify the brand’s already impressive distribution network and consumer recognition. Pioneered by the company’s founder, Jordan Schindler, Nufabrx introduced HealthWear® — a first of its kind category that merges clothing with medicine delivery. Powered by patented smart-textile technology, this platform seamlessly incorporates active ingredients directly into textile products. Within HealthWear garments, these specialized compounds are released in controlled amounts through body heat and moisture, ensuring consistent and effective topical treatments to the skin even through multiple uses and wash cycles.

Glenn Normoyle, the founder of Tallayne, remarked: “My involvement with Nufabrx since 2018 has strengthened my belief in the potential of its technology, brand, and the exceptional leadership demonstrated by Jordan Schindler. This acquisition opens doors to even greater opportunities as we proactively work to grow awareness following its initial success.”

The Nufabrx brand harnesses the power of HealthWear technology to infuse pain relief ingredients directly into compression braces. These products, designed for reusability, deliver a reliable and measured dosage of medication directly to the body. This unique fusion of pain relief and compression in a single product reinforces the brand’s commitment to simplifying health and wellness.

“Getting healthy has never been easier, you simply just need to get dressed in the morning; no more messy creams or sticky patches!” said HealthWear CEO, Jordan Schindler. ” The Nufabrx brand was our first line of products available in the commercial market, its consumer success has led to the development of many new health and wellness products coming soon. The sky is the limit on potential use causes and partner collaborations at this intersection between pharmaceuticals and apparel. We’re extremely excited to see where the team at Tallayne takes the brand!”

Posted: August 14, 2023

Source: Nufabrx