Stoll Premieres “Color In Knitting” Pattern Compendium Based On Stoll Flat Knitting Technique

OBERTSHAUSEN, Germany — June 27, 2023 — The book “Color in Knitting: By Designers, for Designers” invites you on a fascinating journey through the world of color in knitwear design and to discover its limitless potential. The 208-page work explores the methods of knitting multicolored patterns through knitting structures, techniques and technologies. This makes the publication by authors Jörg Hartmann from STOLL, Anna Gitelson-Kahn and Luca Missoni an indispensable source of inspiration for all designers working in the textile field.

The new publication “Color in Knitting” presents the almost infinite possibilities of multicolored knitwear. It is intended as a practical handbook for designers who wish to expand or deepen their design practice. The reference book covers the topic of color in conjunction with flat knitting technology. Other color-related finishes such as dyeing, printing or embroidery have been deliberately omitted in favor of a concise focus. The introductory ‘color journey’ presents the fascinating variety of industrially produced knitting patterns, using the example of the extensive archive of the long-established STOLL company, which today belongs to the KARL MAYER GROUP. The selected patterns from past decades illustrate the various methods of multicolor knitting and the resulting color effects particularly clearly. Each pattern is given a pattern number and is available online in STOLL’s so-called Patternshop. This allows further details to be researched via the website.

Next to the patterns are keywords that refer to the technical chapters in the second part.

In this part there are insights into the specific techniques used to make the patterns presented. Technical drawings of the stitch progressions make the construction of the knits understandable. Based on this, creatives can explore structures and techniques individually to achieve their own goals in combining colors.

At the end of the book, all examples are summarized in a clear matrix and the connection of the patterns shown to the corresponding technical chapters is established. Finally, a glossary provides information on the meaning of the technical terms used.

With its many large-format illustrations of colored knitwear and its details, as well as its profoundly researched information, diagrams and references, “Color in Knitting” is a book that is as beautiful as it is practical and will delight designers as much as anyone interested in the possibilities of colored knitting with flat knitting technology.

The reference book can be ordered at in German or English. The price is 38 euros, $65 or 42 GBP.

Posted June 27, 2023

Source: Stoll