Biella Yarn By Südwolle: Fall/Winter 2024-25 Collection Spice Up! Your Style

NUREMBERG, Germany — June 30, 2023 — Biella Yarn’s new Fall/Winter 24-25 collection is all about cultural diversity, blending and infusing, under the headline SPICE UP!

Spices offer a connection to our origins and to the taste of home-cooked meals that we grew up with or simply spice up our dishes.

This season we want to spice up your experience with our new Fall/Winter 24-25 collection by presenting two collaborations. Both collaborations start with one common inspiration: with the clash of different cultures and the distant exotic markets. Rug making, fur-crafts and artisan hand work inspire patterns and textures which are translated into knitted fabrications and 3D designs.

MRC Knitwear Research Lab created these interesting textures and patterns by using a small selection of very classic yarns and working them in special techniques to create rich textural fabrications. Each garment focuses on a special technique and combination of yarns and colors and show how versatile a single yarn can be.

The garments were knitted mainly with Victoria Nm 2/30 (100-percent merino wool extrafine, 19.5 μ, anti-shrinkage), although a very classic yarn it is extremely versatile and comes available in many colors. Victoria Nm 2/30 was used in an array of different techniques and on different gauges — from 14gg ribs, that have a beautiful drape to more tactile fabrics such as 3-dimensional stitches on 12gg and heavily patterned inlay jacquards on the 14gg Shima Seiki SRY. Within these inlay jacquard’s BaltoroPro Nm 2/28 (70-percent merino wool extrafine, 19.5 μ, anti-shrinkage 30-percent polyester GRS High Bulk) was selected as an inlay yarn — a special wool blend which helps create bulky 3-dimensional fabrications that remain lightweight. The classic Brisbane Nm 2/60 (100-percent merino wool Superfine, 17.5 μ, anti-shrinkage) and new boucle yarn Fluffy Nm 14 000 (81-percent Merino wool extrafine, 19.5 μ, anti-shrinkage, 19-percent polyamide) were worked together in very fine plush jacquards to give an effect of shaved patchwork furs.

The and patterns visible in the real designs were transitioned into the world of 3D designs by Shima Seiki Italia and gave the feeling and endless possibilities of blending the yarns, colours and fabrics. The design software APEXFiz®, developed by Shima Seiki, not only allows for shaping but also converts them into knitted patterns. By replacing physical samples, virtual samples reduce time costs, and materials that would otherwise be wasted. Yarnbank®, Shima Seiki’s platform for yarn and spinning research, has been the primary source of Suedwolle Group’s digitized yarns used in the 3D models.

We invite you to experience the 3D designs at and also to discover the ready garments and the making of story at

Posted: June 30, 2023

Source: Südwolle Group