Soorty Announces Launch Of AI-Generated Denim Collection, HumAIn!

KARACHI, Pakistan — April 13, 2023 — Emphasizing the human value of working together with artificial intelligence and with the launch, Soorty functions to discover how technology and fashion can go hand in hand, owning the responsibility of designing forward-thinking solutions. HumAIn unlocks these potentials, bringing forth purpose-driven designs made with responsible tools and taking consumers closer to a more sustainable future.

Before HumAIn was brought to life, Soorty experimented with artificial intelligence and technology through various ventures. Their journey started 5 years ago when they launched the ever-first digital denim garment in collaboration with The Fabricant, an Amsterdam based digital fashion house, available on the leading digital fashion platform DressX, when launching the C2C line in 2018. Soorty’s C2C GOLD product range is a design system for developing sustainable products based on circular design. It improves the way of making, using & re-using resources, recognizing the biological and technical utilization of the denim fabric.

Soorty works with CLO 3-D, a software with 3D technology and robust simulation engine that allows users to create styles with countless layers and intricate details, and founded Soorty 3D Evolution Studio, successfully working with multiple brands to date. 3D sampling not only helps reduce physical sampling, saving resources, but also speeds up processes and creates an online communication bridge reducing barriers.

Additionally, betting on the approach of human values, social transformation, and advanced technology, during the pandemic, the manufacturer launched Soorty Digital Library and the Future Possibilities website. The Soorty Digital Library is a database of Soorty’s collections – a tool customers can easily access and navigate products, thus facilitating activities via home office. Future Possibilities is a global online and offline platform where denim remains at the heart as a responsible future is co-created, aiming to reach out to global citizens and offer a transparent dialogue to inform, inspire and connect.

With a vast experience in technology, constantly venturing towards the next advancement, Soorty is proud to present their HumAIn collection with Volker’s creativity. Joining forces, Soorty used artificial intelligence to generate the designs, filtering through a number of options and creating a digital collection of over 50 looks and two physical pieces. The digital collection was generated with the help of the popular open-source AI Stable Diffusion. Both Soorty and Volker Ketteniss share an approach that combines technology and innovation to foster sustainability in the denim industry. Generating complete looks and working side by side with artificial intelligence, the collection opens the door to significant, new business opportunities and will enable them to meet customers’ needs on a greater scale.

Ebru Debbag, executive director-Global Sales and Marketing, at Soorty said about collection: “HumAIn is a representation of human interaction with technology where the human value is emphasized and enhanced by technology to discover design possibilities which will not only be relevant for the market but will also drive conscious sourcing and consumption behavior. ”

As the line between physical and virtual reality blurs and the entrance of the industry’s biggest brand names into the Metaverse, Soorty stands strong as one of the only manufacturers experimenting and exploring possibilities with AI every day. Soorty embraces technology as an enabler for designing sustainable and responsible tools for the days to come, taking them closer to a future all would like to live in. AI and technology are already positioned at the heart of how Soorty operates, as they feel the urge to be conscious futurologists who encapsulate and deliver new possibilities. Soorty has been continuing investments on smart technologies and responsibility focused mindset to design products and processes that are purpose driven and made to last.

Soorty’s HumAIn collection will launch in Kingpins Amsterdam on April 13th at the Indigo Museum, a space for exhibitors in the denim industry to educate and engage with viewers, and a unique way for artists, artisans, and brands to share, exhibit, and sell their work. The HumAIn exhibit and the informative sessions will be held at the ExpoK, Green Area and sessions will be held on as April 13th at 12:30 & 3pm. For Fabrics collection, visitors can find Soorty in the Blue Area, Booth 50 and for Garments, it is White Area, Booth 09. At Kingpins Amsterdam, the collection will contain multiple looks generated with AI along with two additional manufactured looks specially created to learn more about the manufacturer’s perspective.

Posted: April 13, 2023

Source: Soorty