SENSIL® ByNature Nylon 6.6 Earns ISCC+ Certification To Help Apparel Brands And Retailers Reduce Carbon Footprint

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel — March 14, 2023 — NILIT, a global supplier of nylon 6,6 for apparel, has earned the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Plus system (ISCC+) accreditation for its primary SENSIL® ByNature facility in Israel. ISCC+ accreditation for NILIT’s other facilities around the world will follow soon. The ISCC+ system is a globally applicable, independent sustainability certification program that confirms the controlled use of renewable feedstocks throughout a supply chain. The ISCC+ system verifies the origin of the renewable feedstocks in SENSIL ByNature, the new sustainable nylon 6,6 with lower environmental impact that offers brands and retailers a high-quality foundation for more ecologically responsive apparel designs.

“The ISCC+ system accreditation for SENSIL ByNature is an important achievement in NILIT’s mission to enable a more sustainable apparel industry,” said Ilan Melamed, NILIT general manager. “The ISCC+ certification independently validates the substantial environmental benefits of SENSIL ByNature so that apparel brands and retailers can incorporate these sustainable premium performance fabrics into their collections with complete confidence.”

Launched in April 2022, SENSIL ByNature is a nylon 6,6 for apparel made by replacing a portion of the yarn’s raw materials derived from fossil fuel with renewable bio-gas feedstock. With the bio-gas substitution, SENSIL ByNature decreases the consumption of scarce fossil feedstocks as well as reduces the associated greenhouse gases that threaten the atmosphere. SENSIL ByNature gives apparel brands and retailers a verifiable tool for creating high-quality apparel with all the performance benefits of nylon 6,6 but with reduced environmental impact and improved Life Cycle Analysis, something today’s conscious consumers value.

SENSIL ByNature is just the latest sustainable innovation that NILIT has created for the apparel market. NILIT offers a broad and comprehensive collection of premium nylons designed to empower the industry’s shift to a more responsible position. NILIT recently introduced SENSIL® BioCare, enhanced with a special technology proven to help lessen the persistence of textile waste in sea water and in landfills. SENSIL® EcoCare, crafted with recycled nylon, improves circularity and LCA. SENSIL® WaterCare with embedded color saves up to 100 percent of the water used in the traditional wet dyeing process. Plus, the complete SENSIL portfolio of products is manufactured according to NILIT’s Total Product Sustainability criteria. These responsible yarns give designers the beautiful, environmentally considerate performance fabrics they need to create apparel collections that respond effectively to consumer demands.

Posted: March 14, 2023

Source: NILIT