Launches The First AI-enabled Marketplace That Doesn’t Allow You To Pick The Size

MENLO PARK, California — March 15, 2023 — Neatsy.AI, a U.S.-based startup that detects podiatry and orthopedic health issues via smartphone camera, has launched a marketplace for AI-selected running shoes and insoles. The app provides a complete shopping experience, beginning with a foot scan to determine shape and features of each foot and then recommending the best shoe model to increase training efficiency and reduce injuries.

Neatsy’s AI podiatric technology is being researched with Harvard Medical School’s Foot & Ankle Research and Innovation Lab and Massachusetts General Hospital. It analyzes  length, width, arch and foot characteristics, detecting the most common podiatry problems such as flat feet and pronation type. It also helps to reduce the most common sports injuries related to running such as plantar fasciitis, runners’ knee, achilles tendonitis and stress fractures.

AI-powered shopping assistance helps solve the problem of responsible fashion consumption and high return rates. It takes only two minutes to analyze the customer’s foot scan, detect podiatry issues and recommend the right model of sneakers. Over 200 models are available for shopping and free worldwide delivery. Brands like New Balance, Nike, and Asics will be available, ranging from $50 and $180. The collections will be updated regularly with its partner, Fitness Sports.

“Half of all shoes bought online are returned because they don’t fit, causing 330,000 tons of CO2 emissions in Europe alone. Moreover, only 50 percent of returns are resold by stores due to their condition, which can be caused by use, damage, or even opened boxes. With its advanced AI and AR technologies, Neatsy ensures that users can get the perfect fit for their sneakers and insoles without leaving the comfort of their homes,” says Artem Semjanow, founder and CEO of

These features will be available without subscription. A $20 subscription fee gives users access to podiatry issue detection along with corrective exercises. The app was made by former Prisma AI team members with seven years’ experience in computer vision AI products.

Posted: March 15, 2023