Design for Circularity: Soorty Launches Capsule Collection Collaborators — Lenzing, The Lycra Co., Marmara Hemp, and Jeanologia

UNITED STATES — February 7, 2023 — Together with supply chain partners, Soorty — one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim companies — is pleased to announce its newest denim collection, Design for Circularity. The capsule collection of eight responsible denim pieces was soft launched at Soorty’s recent showroom event and at Kingpins in early January in collaboration with The Lycra Co., Lenzing, Marmara Hemp and Jeanologia. This collection highlights the value of design and emphasizes Soorty’s commitment to making quality clothing while bringing awareness to environmental as well as social impacts of fashion production and consumption.

“Now is a great time to redesign everything, driven by a new, responsible mindset and using new tools such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and biomimicry,” said Eda Dikmen, marketing & communications manager, Soorty. “Our design ambitions are limited only by imagination, making creativity the most important part of the equation. Design thinking allows us to explore new ways of creating sustainable, resilient, long-lasting value as we redesign old products or even systems. When it comes to denim and jeans, making clothes that people love to wear, own a long time and feel good as they look good is an extensive part of circularity.”

Soorty emphasizes that the key to consciously made denim is having a holistic approach from fiber to finish, where its vertical capabilities enable the producer to offer sustainability as throughout all stages of production. To make this idea come to life, Soorty joined forces with Lenzing, The Lycra Co., Jeanologia, Marmara Hemp on a capsule collection that brings fiber innovation and smart laundry together. The capsule utilizes fabrics woven with the conscious fibers from The Lycra Company, Lenzing, Marmara Hemp, as well as recycled cotton that is produced in Soorty’s state of the art recycling facility; and laundry & finishing that is conducted by Jeanologia technologies such as G2 Dynamic and Laser. Focused on a small scale, and to the point production, the collection highlights that the route to circularity and sustainability is made possible when working collectively and producing responsibly.

“We can only do much by ourselves,” said Tuncay Kılıçkan, head of Global Business Development, Denim, Lenzing. “Things need to be scalable to make an impact and that requires being collective. If changes stay too niche, they just stay there and die overtime. But when we work together, we can change things in a better way.”

Jeanologia provides the technologies, innovations and machineries that help process both the fabric produced and the garments sewn together. Two sets of the collection were produced, with one finished by Soorty in Pakistan who owns a unique, future proof laundry set up with the highest technology machinery set up that ensures lowered impact and responsible innovation while the other set was finished by Jeanologia in their recently opened hub in Miami. The way materials are sourced has a clear social, environmental and economic impact. Being data driven, the impact of each piece was measured to ensure that each garment of the collection secures environmental and social safety. To tie in the main goal of transparently communicating sustainability, the supply chain partners attached labels to each garment where consumers can review not only what goes into making them but also how they were treated.

“Jeanologia’s #MissionZero is our goal to produce with zero waste & detoxify the industry by 2025,” said Jeremy Soldado, Miami hub manager, Jeanologia. “We reduce the use of a lot of resources including water & chemicals on fabric & garment finishing; and Soorty is a technology partner whose fabrics are light-sensitive, reacting well to the eco-technologies & offering eco-efficient alternatives to most water-intensive and pollutant processes”

Soorty strives every day to do the best they can against textile landfills. This includes both recycling and repurposing efforts, as well as partnering with the right names in the industry that share similar values. Driven by their motto DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD, Soorty believes a change for the better is only possible if the denim value chain works in partnership to bring awareness to consumers and industry leaders of their options; meaning education and transparent communication become main pillars of the conversation.

Posted February 7, 2023

Source: Soorty