SOORTY Launches Newest Denim Collection: The Philosophy of Denim

KARACHI, Pakistan — November 17, 2022 — Soorty, one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim companies, is pleased to announce its newest denim collection, The Philosophy of Denim prepared with responsible denim pieces that are made to last and designed for all lifestyles for everyone. The collection designed as an attempt to find an answer to the question “How you want to live and where do your clothes fall in in this scenario?” also utilizes their newest denim design concept based on innovation, Longevity. This sub concept emphasizes Soorty’s commitment to making quality clothing that can last for generations and brings awareness to environmental impacts of fashion production and consumption.

All products have a lifecycle, and Soorty believes both designers and consumers play a critical role in determining it. Being a design-centric company, Soorty approaches denim as the ultimate canvas offering countless possibilities and blends responsible innovation with conscious materials to truly merge purpose, function, aesthetics, cultures, and economy. The collection is broken down by three main concepts:

  • THE EVERYDAY DENIM – a thoughtful blend of comfort, durability, and functionality — rich in details, crafted with considered fabrics all utilizing smart technologies that radically reduce the need for water, chemicals, and energy.
    • Everyday Essentials – a variety of fabric options in different compositions, weights and comfort levels woven to be the canvas for go-to denims and jeans.
    • Core Denim – prevailing stories beyond genders, trends, and fits, this is a collection of Soorty’s authentic core fabrics for jeans one can wear all day, every day.
    • Cross Hatch Fabrics Family – crosshatch denim is woven with uneven, or slub yarn for both the warp & the weft providing a unique crisscrossed pattern as it fades. This season Soorty offers a wide range of cross hatch denim options in different weights and stretch levels.
  • THE CULTURE OF DENIM – Easy to style and function, denim is the ultimate allrounder. Created with a minimalist and timeless style, The Culture of Denim concept is made with this ideology, from staple pieces, with the idea of doing more with key looks to offer maximum versatility.
    • Longevity – Crafted to be a canvas for jeans that are durable, responsible, and made to last.
      • Built stronger to last longer, offering functional and emotional durability, this fabric family is woven with carefully selected materials and vigorous construction processes that increase product lifespans and decrease our impact on fashion’s contribution to textile waste.
    • 3D Textures – Designed with a 3D texture, super soft hand feel, and ultimate wear comfort, this fabric family was woven with dobby looms for added texture. Offering a corduroy-like effect echoing the timeless classic Bedford dobby, the collection has multiple options ranging from mid weights to lighter ones, denims to PFGDs, rigids to stretch ones.
    • Future Vintage – A take on heritage denim to redefine it: Authentic looking and performing denim inspired from the past, made with today’s technology to be the vintage of tomorrow.
    • Herbal Blue – Denim fabrics dyed with natural, biodegradable indigo (extracted from the Indigofera plant). Offering true denim heritage aesthetics of with improved environmental impact the BOD* and COD* caused by the synthetic indigo dyes is prevented.
  • THE ART OF DENIM – With worn-in looks, and responsible cotton alternative fibers woven so artistically and considered innovative finishes, the Art of Denim collection approaches denim as an artist approaches his/her canvas: tackling our emotional connection with our wardrobe by emphasizing the power of ownership.
  • Art of Denim enables us to explore how denim becomes both individualistic and tribal with the max level of customizations – combinations of embroidery, layering textures on top of each other as a canvas for art and creativity. It brings together multiple possibilities in denim:
    • Hemp – Being a natural and protective fiber with environmentally conscious features, hemp habitually adds on to the beauty of denim. A range of options woven with virgin hemp for more fashion looks to cottonized hemp for softer ones with added wear comfort.
    • Colored Modal –
    • INDIGO MODAL IN WEFT. No bleeding, depth of color, rich look, and an incredibly soft feel from the inside.
    • FOREVER GRAY. A Soorty innovation – an upgrade to our highly favored Forever Black utilizing our unique yarn technology to blend black and white modal for grays that do not fade.
    • Recycled – A unique blend of repurposed and recycled materials engineered to avail smart resourcing and circular design in denim while still carrying all attributes of an authentic one: from looks to strength, hand feel to character. Soorty has a state-of-the-art recycling unit with a capacity of 500,000 jeans / month and our recycled fabrics utilize the international standards certified by the GOTS & RCS.
    • Coatings – A laser friendly fashion look story Using less water, less energy and less chemicals, coating is much more responsible compared to traditional over dyes. Plus, since the color is not penetrated into the yarns like it is in traditional dyeing, the colors washes away easily leaving a 3D, white contrast in laser and other laundry.
    • Color Theory – Soorty’s smart and responsible over-dyeing technology with ozone, which not only allows us to use less of what is limited but also make a unique use of it. Applicable on different bases and uses 70% less water and steam compared to conventional over dyeing processes.
    • Conscious Fibers – Effortlessly luxurious, soft, and easy to-care-for fabrics woven with smart materials such as Naia™ Renew (obtained from sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified* recycled waste plastics) providing a wear comfort that look, feel, and do good.

Soorty is actively trying to bring good both socially and environmentally by simply producing the most responsible denim fabrics and garments they can and focuses on ongoing and growing concepts. The manufacturer approaches production as an ongoing process of evolution and considering designing systems and philosophies that will bring the positive impact that the industry needs.

As one of the largest vertical denim manufacturers in the world, Soorty knows that production at scale has the power to change things and they are dedicated to making the impact on the environment, a positive one, by using less of what is limited while making more and better use of it. This is the age of a global awakening, abandoning the norm and embracing change which is necessary for a transition towards a brighter future for the industry. Soorty is truly at the forefront of sustainability, inclusivity, technology, and education in the industry.

Posted: November 17, 2022

Source: Soorty