Maximum Sustainable Innovation For Lorpen Biowarmer Socks Thanks To Biodegradable Textiles

ARRASATE, Spain — November11, 2022 — Lorpen, an international brand of technical outdoor socks, has presented a sustainable winter 2023 collection that is 1005 sustainable because all the conventional fibers have been replaced with eco fibers. They’ve also taken a step forward on their roadmap for using biodegradable textiles by creating several top-of-the-line models for next winter where they pursued the application of sustainable innovation to product design that puts them at the vanguard of the industry: the T3+ BIOWARMER Inferno Expedition (Outdoor&Mountaineering category) in crew and over calf versions and the T3+ BIOWARMER Ski (Wintersports category).

Lorpen combined Sensil BioCare® with PrimaloftBio® textiles for filling with those models. The seams are also made with Sensil BioCare® used as thread, while the cuff has been made with chlorine free wool. Thus, during their useful life the socks help the wearer suffer less in extreme cold conditions, either while doing an activity or at rest. And after their useful life they’ll never become trash, because they’re biodegradable. Furthermore, they’re very warm and supple.

Lorpen was the first brand to use three layers of different threads in a single sock (T3 technology). That was later combined with the SLS-Selective Layer System technology, which is a system of layers in strategic areas depending on the activity the user is going to do and under what conditions. That makes it possible to get the maximum performance from each thread for the maximum benefit to the athlete’s foot. They were also pioneers in using flat seems in the toe with their stitch by stitch sewing, which is something only the brand can do at their plant in Etxalar. That’s a lot of engineering applied to a sock and the outcome is high transpirability, strength and good fit, preventing the formation of blisters. It’s also significant that the brand designs and manufactures all their socks locally at their factory in Etxalar, Navarre.

Posted: November 11, 2022

Source: Lorpen