Jeanologia Leads The Bangladeshi Textile Industry Towards Full Sustainability And Competitiveness With Laundry5.Zero

DHAKA, Bangladesh — November11, 2022 — Jeanologia, the Spanish company that develops eco-efficient technologies, steers the Bangladeshi textile industry towards total sustainability and competitiveness at the Bangladesh Denim Expo with Laundry5.Zero, the jeans finishing plant that guarantees ZERØ contamination. (Booth 33)

During the event being held from November 15-16 in Dhaka, the company will show its commitment to increasing productivity and efficiency in the country’s denim production, with the best cost-per-garment indicators, both environmentally and financially.

Manuj Kanchan, area manager of Jeanologia in Asia, highlighted Jeanologia’s commitment to turning the Bangladeshi textile industry into one of the most advanced and cleanest on the planet.

“Bangladesh has great potential and can become the world’s denim-producing powerhouse. For 20 years at Jeanologia, we have been promoting the development of its textile industry with comprehensive technologies and innovative processes that provide greater efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness. Technologies that allow us to face the challenges of the future, reducing costs as well as the country’s water and environmental footprint” – Manuj Kanchan underlined.

In his opinion, water will be the main cost factor in the near future. For this reason, he pointed out the importance of converting denim production centers into eco-efficient plants, and that Bangladesh join Jeanologia’s MissionZero to eliminate the use of water and dumping completely from the global production of jeans.

In this sense, he highlighted Laundry5.Zero as a key element to achieve these goals, since it guarantees 85-percent savings in water usage, as well as zero discharges and zero contamination, thanks to the perfect integration of Jeanologia technologies.

With a sustainable production capacity of between 5,000 and 25,000 garments per day, this garment finishing plant will enable a new digital, automated and environmentally-friendly production model that reduces time, costs and simplifies processes. And all without compromising the authenticity of the product while staying adapted to the new needs of the market.

In this sense, he highlighted the “Engineering Center” in this new production model for being “the brain of new digital production”.

This high-tech center is constituted as a fully digitized laboratory that accompanies the textile industry in its digital transformation and in its conversion process towards sustainability. It is capable of simplifying and streamlining workflow, developing digital samples and physical garments, and guaranteeing that the same results produced at the laboratory can level up to mass production for perfect reproducibility, i.e. “from lab to bulk”.

“Clean Up-Bright Future Ahead” Seminar

On November 16th at 2:30 PM, the Area Manager of Jeanologia in Asia will give a conference titled “Clean Up-Bright Future Ahead” where he will give insight on the key points behind starting on the path towards circularity in the textile industry.

20 years with the textile industry in Bangladesh

Jeanologia will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Bangladesh this year. During this time, the company has contributed to the socioeconomic development of the country by supporting its textile industry throughout its total transformation both in sustainability and efficiency, positioning it as one of the most advanced and sustainable in the world.

The company works closely with the country’s leading jeans manufacturers through its commercial office in Bangladesh. Facilities which serve as a base for over 20 employees, and from which Jeanologia provides advisory services and disruptive technology, as well as comprehensive technical service, support and training, to promote cost reduction, sustainability and productivity in the Bangladeshi textile industry.

Jeanologia currently has 10 subsidiaries and exports its products and services to 72 countries on five continents. More than 35% of the 5 billion jeans produced worldwide each year are made with its technologies, and it has become a trusted partner of the market’s main brands.

Posted: November 11, 2022

Source: Jeanologia