Saving Retailers Money While Saving The Planet, Bodidata Dramatically Reduces Apparel Return Rates

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — October 18, 2022 — Bodidata’s Measure.Match.Manage.™ size-matching solution helps apparel companies dramatically reduce returns and environmental waste, while improving wearer satisfaction. In fact, Bodidata can help companies reduce their size-related returns by more than 90 percent.

Returns are a growing issue especially for online retailers. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2021, returns cost US companies $761 billion or 16.6 percent of total retail sales. Environmentally, returns can be devastating with billions of pounds of clothing being thrown away every year.

“As consumers become savvier about the environmental cost of fast-fashion, they are insisting companies be more environmentally conscious,” said Tuoc Luong, Bodidata CEO. “We are proud of the role we’re playing in reducing unnecessary uniform and retail apparel returns. We offer four measurement options that can be used interchangeably, ensuring the right size is shipped the first time, every time.”

Bodidata is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions in more ways than one. The ‘return, destroy, reproduce’ cycle is dramatically reduced when an item fits right the first time. By curtailing returns, Bodidata also helps retailers reduce the excess inventory that is created to provide an inventory buffer. That buffer is needed to ensure companies have enough merchandise to offset product that has been sold but will be returned.

Bodidata is renowned for its unique Measure.Match.Manage. size-matching solution that includes the award-winning Kora® scanner; the only handheld technology that measures the body beneath the clothing of an individual in their regular streetwear.

“The environmental benefits of reduced returns are a win for consumers, apparel companies and the planet,” said Bruce Terry, Bodidata president. “Our brand reflects that people, and the environment, are at the center of our Measure.Match.Manage. solutions.”

Posted: October 19, 2022

Source: Bodidata®