Kelheim Fibres Partners With TextileGenesis™ For More Transparency In The Textile Chain

KELHEIM, Germany— October 17, 2022 — Viscose speciality fibres manufacturer Kelheim Fibres partners with TextileGenesis™, an award-winning traceability platform that creates radical transparency from fibre-to-retail and ensures authenticity d provenance of sustainable textiles against generics.
“Our wood-based fibres are an environmentally friendly basis for sustainable textiles — it’s just that consumers often don’t know what’s behind their garments. But they need to know it’s in their hands to minimize the ecological footprint of the textile industry. Transparency and traceability are the foundation that enables consumers to make informed decisions,” said Dr. Marina Crnoja-Cosic, director, New Business Development at Kelheim Fibres.

TextileGenesis uses blockchain technology to track and verify the use of sustainable fibres all the way from fibre to garment. A digital fibercoin ensures transparency and reliability throughout the entire production line and beyond.

Amit Gautam, Founder & CEO at TexileGenesis: “Fashion and textile value chain is undergoing major transformation driven by sustainable materials, shifting consumer demand for sustainable products, and increasingly stringent regulations on transparency. Great to see Kelheim moving the industry forward by actively participating in the traceability journey”.

Posted: October 17, 2022

Source: Kelheim Fibres GmbH