ALLIED Feather + Down’s Groundbreaking TrackMyDown Transparency Tool Evolves To Support Strong And Growing Site Engagement

MONTEBELLO, Calif. — October 18, 2022 — Launched in 2015 alongside  the now omni-present Responsible Down Standard (RDS), Allied Feather + Down’s TrackMyDown traceability and education tool is launching into the Fall 22/Winter 23 season with a fully revamped user interface to better serve a strong and growing number of site visitors looking to learn more about the down inside their coats, sleeping bags, and bedding.

Created as a way to bring a more in-depth level of transparency and education to customers who are increasingly interested in the backgrounds, origins, and qualities of products they buy, TrackMyDown exceeded all expectations for user engagement. ALLIED is reinvesting in the platform to provide the most cutting-edge user experience possible, with more updates on the way.

“We knew that RDS certified products would bring a new level of confidence to purchasers of down products concerned with animal welfare, and we understood they would want more information than could be printed on a product hang tag,” said Matthew Betcher, creative director with ALLIED. “We developed TrackMyDown so customers could learn more about all aspects of down, including verified fill power, cleanliness and general care. The reception it’s received is beyond our expectations, and we are excited to continue to innovate on how down information is communicated to consumers..”

Since launching in 2015, over 200 outdoor, fashion and bedding brands as well as retailers have adopted the TrackMyDown program. At the same time, the platform has grown to see significant use from a global customer base, growing from approximately 800 unique lot views per month in 2015 to well over 15,000 per month for Fall 2019 and 2020 products. And even in the middle of the pandemic, the site saw an increase of 60,000+ unique users over those who used the tool for Fall 2019 products.

75% of the platform’s use is at point-of-sale, before a customer even makes a purchasing decision, with an average site visit time of over 1 minute in every season since inception. And during the pandemic when retail was mostly shuttered, TrackMyDown still saw a growth of  new users over previous, non-pandemic seasons.

“The analytics show just how significant information like this is to customers,” continued Betcher. “The 15%+ increase in new users from F19 through F20, confirms that customers now, more than ever, are interested in – and in many cases requiring – this level of transparency and knowledge about every single part of the products they are purchasing.”

Posted October 18, 2022

Source: Allied Feather + Down