Madewell Is First Brand To Launch Denim With ISKO Fabrics That Are bluesign® APPROVED

BURSA, Turkey — September 30, 2022 — In a textile industry where sustainability is a top priority, Madewell, ISKO, and bluesign® have come together for a strategic collaboration. Madewell has created the first ever denim style using bluesign APPROVED ISKO fabrics, prioritizing sustainability in the production of a pair of women’s denim jeans. The Cali Demi-Boot Jeans, retailing for $138 USD launches today on

The jeans are made with ISKO’s fabrics that are dyed and finished with bluesign APPROVED chemical products and produced in a resource-conserving way with a minimum impact on people and the environment. ISKO’s Reform™ technology, one of the denim ingredient brand’s most successful patented stretch innovations, has obtained bluesign APPROVED status, a uniquely challenging feat for a denim mill to accomplish. Among the many benefits that this fabric technology offers are freedom of movement, a slimmer, smoother, and more streamlined appearance, and an incomparable holding power allowing the jeans to keep their shape and never bag out. The bluesign APPROVED label is awarded only to the bluesign SYSTEM PARTNER manufacturers that meet the strict safety and environmental requirements of the bluesign CRITERIA such as ensuring production sites are safe for workers, reducing CO2e emissions and water consumption, as well as avoiding hazardous substances in production among many others.

Daniel Rufenacht, CEO of Bluesign commented: “This collaboration, between two of the denim industry’s heavyweights, coupled with our bluesign System for eliminating hazardous chemicals and reducing environmental impacts, demonstrates that the solutions to develop a high-quality, more sustainable, and accessible priced product is possible within the fashion industry at scale. We are thrilled to see this collaboration come to life and look forward to seeing more Madewell products using bluesign APPROVED ISKO materials in the future.”

Attaining the right certifications becomes an extremely important matter, a differentiating and almost defining aspect that can take a business to the next level. This is certainly true for ISKO whose commitment to the preservation of our planet frames every decision it makes, now and for the long term. With the purpose to create more sustainable products without sacrificing functionality, quality and design, the global company made the decision to strive for one of the hardest sustainability credentials to achieve, by one of the most accredited independent authorities in the world: bluesign.

“At ISKO, we believe that future-focused innovation empowers and improves our industry and enhances the value of our partnerships. This is evident in our achievements with bluesign, in which our collaborations continuously help to lower the fashion industry’s impact on climate change. Now, together with Madewell, we have collectively delivered to the market a world’s first in sustainable denim innovation. Being a global leader in the industry, ISKO has the power to drive and accelerate change, and so we can confidently say that we will achieve our shared vision for a cleaner, safer, and more transparent supply chain,” said Fatih Konukoglu – CEO, ISKO.

Madewell is proud to be the first brand in the world to launch a denim product made with ISKO fabrics that are bluesign APPROVED. And it is just a step in the brand’s journey towards achieving their ambitious sustainability goals, including 100-percent sustainable fibers by 2025.

Posted: September 30, 2022

Source: ISKO